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Three Short Weeks

Today marks the completion of three weeks of my 30-day self-challenge to practice yoga 6 days a week and eat vegetarian. (I said I would give myself one day off a week from the vegetarianism, but I haven’t needed a … Continue reading

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Getting Burnt Out?

I am in the middle of week three of 30-days of yoga and vegetarianism.  I am doing great with the veggie eating, but I had a hard time at yoga again last night.  Really wasn’t into it, and really didn’t … Continue reading

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Best. Tree. Ever.

I see this tree often in my travels and it always makes me smile.  It looks especially cool in the winter, when it doesn’t have any leaves and you can see all of the wind chimes.  I imagine that the … Continue reading

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Baking Makes It Better

I felt like I was spinning my wheels at work today, going in circles, redoing work I’ve already done. I was happy to have my yoga practice tonight, but sad that I didn’t make it home from work in time … Continue reading

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Chili-Cheese Black Bean Enchiladas

Day eight with no meat and still not missing it. I made this dish on Sunday night, and baked it for dinner last night. Ryan was skeptical, but LOVED it. “This is a keeper,” he said. It’s going on a … Continue reading

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We had an absolutely wonderful weekend in New Hampshire. On Friday after work, we packed up the car and the dog and headed to Boston to pick up Amy. Her place is adorable, and we wanted to just camp out … Continue reading

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What a lovely evening. I brought the wonderfully wonderful Caitlin (I am just not as good with words as she is!) home from work with me and to my favorite yoga studio. Earlier in the day we were trying to … Continue reading

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Since my birthday was Sunday, Monday marked the beginning of my 30-day yoga and vegetarianism challenge. I was almost thwarted on my first day because the yoga class I had planned to go to was not being offered, but I … Continue reading

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I feel invigorated after two days in a row of yoga, with another day on the planner for Saturday. I feel tired after two days in a row of waiting up for my husband. I long for warm weather, spring … Continue reading

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As the title suggests, I’ve been doing just those things tonight. First, I experimented with a new (to me) yoga studio near downtown Hartford. At first I was skeptical – the setup was a lot different than what I am … Continue reading

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