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Hopes for 2012

After reviewing my Hopes for 2011 and recapping about them, I’m ready to put my hopes for 2012 out there into the universe. COMPOSTING: Get back in to it and get serious about doing it all the time, not just … Continue reading

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Hopes for 2011 Recap

Here we go again.  Another year has almost passed us by already! Last year, I refrained from making resolutions, but instead documented some personal hopes for the year. Let’s recap 2011: – My $100, year-long gym membership went unused, as … Continue reading

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So Thankful

I’m just about to complete month three of training in my 200-hour yoga teacher training.  We’re learning poses (asana), but so much more.  We’re learning how to live yoga.  Everyone I spoke to before I started said it would change … Continue reading

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Still Working on This One.

“If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition.”

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Why Isn’t Every Day A Weekend Day?

I guess if every day was a weekend day, we’d never fully appreciate the weekends.  This past weekend I had my first of 12 weekends (ten 3-day weekends and two Saturday-only weekends) of (200-hr) Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) that will … Continue reading

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Retreat and Renewal

For the first time in just about a year R and I took a vacation without M.  We went to the Berkshires and camped in a Yurt at October Mountain State Forest.  I am not sure you can call it … Continue reading

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The Moment That Changed My Yoga Experience

I tried yoga a few times in college, but could never seem to empty my mind and silence my inner voice.  I could never seem to do what I thought was the key to yoga: to think about nothing.  I … Continue reading

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