100_1321What a lovely evening. I brought the wonderfully wonderful Caitlin (I am just not as good with words as she is!) home from work with me and to my favorite yoga studio. Earlier in the day we were trying to decide if we were up for Power, or should we just stick to beginners. We settled on Power – we can do it! The class was great – it got my heart pumping, my blood flowing and the sweat dripping. It was intense, and makes me really excited to take a step back from this class for the Intro to Power Yoga series I’ll be starting soon. This class had some flow, which was quicker than I expected, but nice. After class we made Whole Wheat Pizza (homemade dough in the bread maker) with caramelized onions, apples, goat cheese and arugala. It was absolutely delicious! I love that not eating meat is doing exactly what I hoped it would – it is causing me to try new things, and I don’t feel limited at all.

I woke up feeling absolutely exhausted this morning, with a leftover headache from a 3 hour company wide meeting through lunch yesterday. I feel like I took a full dose of NyQuil at about 5am. I really hope I am not getting sick.

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  1. yonosoymaria says:

    Yay! Pizza! Even though I got sickies I still say a resounding NOM NOM NOM! :)

    Hope your mystery headache has improved, lady. See you on the Mondee.

  2. yonosoymaria says:

    PS–how much does it look like I’m casting a spell on the pizza in that picture? Heehee!

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