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M’s First Day of First Grade

This year we took a leap. We left the private school that M has been attending for three years (all with the same teacher) and moved her to public school. We were originally planning on the neighborhood school, but she … Continue reading

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Practical Life

S is really into practical life at her Montessori School. When I went to visit, she gave me lessons on table scrubbing and mirror polishing. She just loves being assigned chores around the house to help out.

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Jingle Bells in Spanish

The girls have been singing Jingle Bells in Spanish lately. So adorable! I have no idea if the words are accurate or not.

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First Artwork

On her very first day, S loved eating snack and painting. Here’s what she made for us.

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School Days

Both kids are finally at the same school and are both now going for full days (until 3pm). I am hoping that having them at the same place allows M to assume more of a “big sister” role. So far … Continue reading

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First Day of School – Toddler Program

Tuesday was S’s first day at the Montessori school that M attended last year. She is transitioning in, so she has gone an hour a day each day this week so far. They’ve accelerated her transition and she’ll go for … Continue reading

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First Year of Preschool

        M has just completed her first year of preschool. She’s attending a Montessori School three towns over from ours. While the commute isn’t always awesome and will be worse next year because I am not working … Continue reading

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