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Saying Goodbye to Jasper

A week ago we said goodbye to our 15-year-old black cat Jasper. A lot has changed since I first adopted her, but she was still my first baby girl and it was really tough. I adopted Jasper the summer after … Continue reading

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Watch Out Kitty

Now that she’s mobile, Miss M wants to get that kitty SO BAD.  She’s been chasing her all over the house.  The cat must like the attention, because she could certainly go hide in another room or under a bed … Continue reading

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It seems like it’s been months that M has been tracking Izzie and Jasper as they walk across the room.  But she’s doing something new this week.  She’s squealing with delight when she sees the cat or the dog enter … Continue reading

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M meets Jasper

Jasper missed us so much while we were in Florida she even decided to come close to Miss M for the first time in 5 months!

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Successful Night?

I fed Margeaux at 6:30pm and had every intention of “putting her to bed” after that feeding.  I dimmed the lights around the house, put on some quiet music (Sting) and got situated in her room on her glider to feed … Continue reading

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Golden Leaf Day

Golden Leaf Day. What a beautiful description for the day when the leaves are just perfect, just at their peak. I think Sunday was Golden Leaf Day at my house. All week last week (or maybe the week before, time … Continue reading

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The Many Lives of Jasper the Cat

Last night I went to bed a little early because this cold is still kicking my butt.  I wanted to go to bed a lot earlier, but I am now glad I didn’t.  About 9:30pm I was on the phone … Continue reading

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There’s this thing going around Facebook now. You’re supposed to post a note with 25 random things about yourself. I filled them out on Facebook, but couldn’t bring myself to post it. It just felt too open. I have too … Continue reading

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Oh man it’s hot this weekend. I mean Florida HOT – 95 and humid. Tomrorow is supposed to be even hotter. I heard the crackling of window units all over the neighborhood, but I refuse to admit defeat yet. Today, … Continue reading

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Was nice to get outside today, even if it was just to mow the lawn. I’m posting a video of some typical interaction between Jasper & Izzie at the request of my dad. Please to Enjoy: Izzie and Jasper . … Continue reading

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