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Hurry, Hurry

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for weeks it seems. In fact, the issue I was having almost seems to have resolved itself, or I seem to have resigned myself to it, or a little bit of both. … Continue reading

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Raw Chocolate Torte

30-Day Vegan is going very well!  I have not experienced any withdrawals, I am feeling full and satisfied, 100% not craving meat and only slightly missing cheese and yogurt – mostly because they are convenient snacks. I had already switched to … Continue reading

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Why Do Good?

My office has a reputation for putting out pretty cool holiday cards.  Some of them take some pretty significant time to develop – think a couple hundred hours for the interactive game.  This year, we decided to take that time … Continue reading

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So Thankful

I’m just about to complete month three of training in my 200-hour yoga teacher training.  We’re learning poses (asana), but so much more.  We’re learning how to live yoga.  Everyone I spoke to before I started said it would change … Continue reading

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Hopefully We’re Back

I’ve taken a little hiatus from blogging, partly because I am lazy and busy and partly because there’s been some tough stuff going on with some of my peeps (extended family and friends), and I’ve been feeling contemplative and quiet … Continue reading

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In The Middle

I think the anticipation of going back to work was worse than the actual going back to work.  But I feel in the middle.  I’m not a 100% stay at home mom, and I am not a 100% working mom.  … Continue reading

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Hopefully the anxiety and anticipation I have about going back to work is worse than the actual going back, but somehow I doubt it.  I’m having a really hard time seeing how a morning routine is going to work.  What … Continue reading

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