First Loose Tooth

Every time I take a photo of M, I wonder if it will be the last time she’ll have all of her baby teeth. I can only imagine that once she loses that first tooth she’s going to instantly look more grown up. That tooth is so loose but still hanging on. Oh my first born baby isn’t a baby anymore.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 11.24.41 AMAnd then just like that the tooth is lost and the rite of passage is complete.

04-15-16 M first lost tooth

That thing that’s visible behind the space where the tooth used to be is the adult tooth more than half way grown in already. The same thing is happening behind the other bottom front tooth which is also loose.

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Loose Teeth

M has her first lose tooth. She actually has two at once. When double checking her teeth brushing last week, I noticed that she has an adult tooth growing in behind her front bottom baby tooth. I was kind of freaking out that she was going to have to get her baby teeth pulled but I got her into the dentist that day for an assurance that the two bottom front teeth are indeed loose. The dentist prescribed an apple a day and M is serious about sticking to that. Ever picture I take of M, the older she looks. It’s all happening fast!

02-17-16 M

She insisted on writing out my entire grocery list.

She insisted on writing out my entire grocery list.

2-6-16 M Bounce U 2 3-13-16 M

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Practical Life

S is really into practical life at her Montessori School. When I went to visit, she gave me lessons on table scrubbing and mirror polishing. She just loves being assigned chores around the house to help out.

3-1-16 Simone Mirror Scrubbing 3-xx-16 Simone mirror polishing big

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Long Long Ago

Not long ago – the last day of January – M had a violin recital. Here she is playing “Long Long Ago.”

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Happy 3rd Birthday Miss S.

How is this little gal three years old? She is happy as can be and loves to snuggle more than anyone else I know. She loves being a big girl but often says, “look at me, I’m a baby,” while crawling around on the floor saying “goo-goo ga-ga.” I think she knows she’ll always be our baby. For the last two months or so, she’s been waking 1-3 times a night to ask me to snuggle with her. Unlike M, she gets right out of her bed, tiptoes in and tries to sneak into bed with me. I quietly take her hand and lead her back to her bed. Luckily she usually goes right back to sleep. But the lack of an uninterrupted night sleep as of late is making me feel grumpy. I know like all things it is a phase.

1-25-16 Elsa and Anna DressesShe loves princesses. She attended her first wedding in October and cannot stop talking about how beautiful the bride looked in her “princess dress.” She’s into Ariel and mermaids, dressed and building castles with blocks. She and her sister love to wrap up their toys in blankets and pretend they are presents. She’s very interested in playing violin just like her sister. R tries to talk her into the cello or viola, but she seems dead set on the violin.

She must tell me, “I still love you,” about 25 times a day totally unprompted. I wonder what I did to make her think I might think she doesn’t love me anymore – ha! She loves school and her teachers. She loves going to after care and her little buddy Addison. Unlike her sister and I, she can take or leave the sweets and has often been known not to even finish a cookie!

She loves babies more than life itself. She loves to take care of her baby dolls and she loves real babies. At the airport to and from Florida, we’d turn around and she’d be climbing in some random baby’s stroller. She’s been potty trained during the day since late summer/early fall. Just before Christmas she stopped wearing diapers over night and hasn’t looked back. Thank you universe for two easily potty trained girls. She loves growing out of things, or discovering things she no longer needs (like diapers, pull-ups and the little potty!) and always wants to give them to baby Ella Bella across the street. She’s caring, empathetic and sweet – an absolute joy to be around.1-25-16 S bday Baby 1.JPG

Three year old stats:
28 lbs (25th percentile)
37.5 inches tall (55th percentile)

(M’s three year stats are here)

We’ve had no snow yet this year, but then got the top part of a bad storm scheduled to arrive the night of her birthday party. We ended up postponing the party. Even though we only got a few inches, I think we were all happy to have a pajama day and not worry about traveling to the party.

1-24-16 Build a Bear 4We held the party at Build a Bear and invited four friends. Then we had pizza and cupcakes. It was a perfect low key birthday party. S was a little slow getting into because she was still tired from her nap (had to wake her to leave for the party). And we found out later that night that she most likely had a fever too. She spiked a 104 fever that night and spent her actual birthday home sick from school. On Wednesday, we celebrated her birthday at school. Since M’s birthday is in the summer, I had never participated in a school birthday. It was super cute. She walked once around the globe for each of her years and the class sung a super cute song. She showed a photo for each year and then I read her favorite book to the class. So fun!



For her birthday at home, she requested homemade pizza by R and cake. It was low key and awesome.

1-25-16 S bday presents

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2015 Book List

1. Meanwhile, Next Door to the Good Life by Jean Hay Bright
2. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
3. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
4. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
5. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes
6. Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight (Kate’s book club)
7. The Girl in the Photo by Gasper Gonzalez
8. The First Rule of Swimming by Courtney Angela Brkic (Heather’s book club)
9. The Girl Who Chased The Moon by Sarah Addison Allen (Jenna’s book club)

This year there were two book club books that I didn’t even attempt to read. Not because they didn’t look good, but just because: Life. This year was not a banner year for reading for me. Must make more time for reading and less time for interneting in 2016.

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Jingle Bells in Spanish

The girls have been singing Jingle Bells in Spanish lately. So adorable! I have no idea if the words are accurate or not.

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