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Judgment Free Parenting

Today over at I’m talking about Judgment Free Parenting. I hope you’ll join me. Want to help us spread the message? We hope you’ll consider snapping a photo or blogging about judgment-free motherhood to help celebrate Moms for Moms … Continue reading

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Remembering an Old Friend and Fellow Mom

A few weeks ago someone I was close with in High School passed away suddenly. We were two years apart in school, but spent a lot of time with our group of friends during our years together in Colorguard and … Continue reading

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One Thing From My Friends

Last week I posted about the one new thing I am going to try to do everyday. My hope is I can make these things habits, like making the bed when I get up (I actually do that, even though … Continue reading

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Prepping for the New Year

Happy almost New Year! I’m wondering if the moms out there make resolutions? I used to . . . until I had a kid! The year I became a mom, I took it easier on myself and stopped making resolutions … Continue reading

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You can find me over here today and for the next few weeks on Mondays at noon.

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Finally Some Love!

Finally, M is showing S some love again!  I think it must be because S is now sitting up unaided, but M is finally showing some interest again in her baby sister. On Saturday night we had S sitting up … Continue reading

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28 :: June

We went to an absolutely lovely wedding last weekend of a co-worker from R’s work. R played in the orchestra with a bunch of her students from their school. So neat to have that much music at your ceremony.  The … Continue reading

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