I feel invigorated after two days in a row of yoga, with another day on the planner for Saturday. I feel tired after two days in a row of waiting up for my husband. I long for warm weather, spring cleaning, open windows and fresh air. I feel inspired to challenge myself and my body. I have decided on the birthday present that I will give to myself. I am going to challenge myself to spend the first month of my 29th year practicing yoga everyday and refraining from eating meat. I will allow myself one day off per week, if needed (read: if you plan to cook for me, I will bend the rules for your delicious, possibly meat filled, meal, unless you are Jenna). I feel that devoting 30-days to yoga will help me to feel what it’s like to have a real yoga practice, instead of treating it like something I just drop into when I have some time to kill. I feel that refraining from eating meat as much as possible will help me branch out with my cooking choices and try even more new recipes. I will try very hard to make my vegetarian meals more than only pizza and pasta. I will start this challenge on Monday, March 23rd – the first day of my new year. I am feeling nervous, excited, apprehensive and eager. I hope I am up for the challenge. I know I am up for the challenge.

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  1. Katie says:

    For your birthday, I’m giving you stationary. SURPRISE! :)

    Email me your address – and thanks a bajillion for being such an advertiser for my blog! I feel like I should cut you a check!


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