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Judgment Free Parenting

Today over at I’m talking about Judgment Free Parenting. I hope you’ll join me. Want to help us spread the message? We hope you’ll consider snapping a photo or blogging about judgment-free motherhood to help celebrate Moms for Moms … Continue reading

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9 Months Old

S is already 9 months old! Slow down on the growing up, will you kiddo? But please, please, go back to sleeping through the night. You’ve been doing it for so long, you must be a pro – please, make … Continue reading

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Monday Momfession

Today I’m over at again. This week, I’m confessing: I hide in the bathroom. I’m really excited to say that I will now be a regular contributing blogger. Thank you to Michelle and the other moms for the opportunity!

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You can find me over here today and for the next few weeks on Mondays at noon.

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Options for Donating Milk

The female body is a pretty amazing thing.  I continue to be amazed that while I went to work everyday and sat in front of a computer, my body went to work creating a human baby. And then, it knew … Continue reading

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Finally Some Love!

Finally, M is showing S some love again!  I think it must be because S is now sitting up unaided, but M is finally showing some interest again in her baby sister. On Saturday night we had S sitting up … Continue reading

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29 :: June

It’s only Saturday night and we’ve had such a great weekend. Ryan’s brothers, dad, sister in law and two nieces came to visit. We hung out at their hotel on Thursday night after they arrived, I played hooky on Friday … Continue reading

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