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Happy 4th Birthday Miss S.

My littlest baby is four! How can this be?! I just went back and read her three year old post and lots has changed and there’s a lot that’s the same. She still loves to snuggle just as much as she … Continue reading

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Blog Catch Up :: S Gets Glasses

Disclaimer: I am posting this in January 2017 because I am realizing that I never blogged about it when it happened! Starting in March, S started having some problems with her eyes. I didn’t write about it here at the … Continue reading

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Practical Life

S is really into practical life at her Montessori School. When I went to visit, she gave me lessons on table scrubbing and mirror polishing. She just loves being assigned chores around the house to help out.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Miss S.

How is this little gal three years old? She is happy as can be and loves to snuggle more than anyone else I know. She loves being a big girl but often says, “look at me, I’m a baby,” while … Continue reading

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Jingle Bells in Spanish

The girls have been singing Jingle Bells in Spanish lately. So adorable! I have no idea if the words are accurate or not.

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Leaf Jumping

I don’t encourage the kids to jumping leaf piles. We have a dog and therefore all I can think about is dog poop mixed up in those piles. But sometimes my mom and my husband are nicer than I am … Continue reading

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First Day of Primary (PK3)

S started in the Primary program at her Montessori School about 2 weeks ago. I can’t believe she’s already in Primary. No more diapers or pull-ups (even at nap time!) and she’s on her own for bottom wiping. Sorry about … Continue reading

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Summer Catchup!

We’ve done a ton of great stuff this summer! Even though it feels like summer is winding down, we still have a vacation (road trip!) planned. We met up with R’s family in Boston for a quick weekend getaway. We … Continue reading

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28 :: July

Life gets away from me and I find maintaining the blog is something I neglect. I hope one day to have it as a kind of journal of our family, along with our printed photos (do others still do that?), … Continue reading

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My dad snapped a few great photos of the gals playing violin. Ignore the fact that S’s is a Christmas Tree ornament.

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