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14 Months Old

Miss M is 14 months and 1 week old.  I took her to the doctor because she’s been feeling under the weather.  At first I thought it might have been a runny nose from her first two molars coming in … Continue reading

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Up for The Challenge?

I think back on my life “before baby” and it’s an interesting perspective to have on yourself and your life.  I’ve been thinking back about my 30-day yoga challenge I created for myself about 2 years ago for my 29th … Continue reading

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Taking a Break from the Gym

This week, I put my gym membership on hold.  There were several reasons, all of which were just excuses to cover for the fact that I am just not going.  Here they are: – Can’t get there at 5:30pm because … Continue reading

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Getting Burnt Out?

I am in the middle of week three of 30-days of yoga and vegetarianism.  I am doing great with the veggie eating, but I had a hard time at yoga again last night.  Really wasn’t into it, and really didn’t … Continue reading

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I feel invigorated after two days in a row of yoga, with another day on the planner for Saturday. I feel tired after two days in a row of waiting up for my husband. I long for warm weather, spring … Continue reading

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I’m really enjoying my beginners yoga series. Tonight we spoke a little about the philosophy of yoga, and about how it’s physical of course, but it’s also about dropping down into your body and out of your head. That’s one … Continue reading

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Last night Sarah and I went to Power Yoga at our local yoga studio. We weren’t sure if “Power” was right for us, but it was the only night this week that fit into both of our schedules. It was … Continue reading

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. . . is non-existent. This post will be all about me fighting with myself, and making excuses. Just a little warning. I’ve been feeling a little guilty that I haven’t really been to the gym regularily since before we … Continue reading

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Staying late at work to clean out emails, just to avoid the gym. So sad.

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