We had an absolutely wonderful weekend in New Hampshire. On Friday after work, we packed up the car and the dog and headed to Boston to pick up Amy. Her place is adorable, and we wanted to just camp out in her cozy little room, read all her books and look at all her old pictures of our family all weekend. But we knew wonderful things were waiting for us in New Hampshire, so we got on the road again. We got there about 10:30pm, and everyone was already sleeping! Such is life, now that there is a baby in the household. On Saturday morning my cousin’s wife (who will hereafter be referred to as my cousin), Jess, took me to At Om Yoga in Concord, New Hampshire for an all levels class taught by Denise. The studio was in a wonderful old building which used to house some sort of theater. You enter the studio by walking through the old theater and the waiting room is on stage right (not actually on the stage). The stage is covered with what I can only imagine is every backdrop ever used at this theater – so much history in one place! The waiting room also had a beautiful storage area made of branches, where frequent yogis keep their mats. And the bathroom had an awesome Babar’s Yoga for Elephants poster – I want it! The class was amazing. I am loving trying new studios!




Later on Saturday, Amy, Ginny and I went to the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Store in Vermont. They had every kind of flour and baking accessories you could imagine. I wanted to buy everything and anything! I settled on a bread saver (kind of like a bread box), some bread flour, some maple candy and some pastry from the bakery. On the way home, we stopped at a sugar house which is literally the garage or barn of a family who makes maple syrup. I cannot even begin to describe the smell – best. smell. ever. After getting a little lesson on how they make it, we walked away with 1 gallon and a half of maple syrup between the three of us. Dinner Saturday night was chinese food. I had planned on possibly taking the night off from my vegetarian eating, but didn’t have to. I did eat one shrimp. I forgot shrimp was meat momentarily. And my goodness, it was delicious. On Sunday, I started out the day with yoga again, led this time by Jess. Even though we were practicing in an upstairs bedroom while people were sleeping in rooms all around us, we were focused and relaxed. We spent the rest of the rainy Sunday trying to get Jess and Dan’s almost one-year old daughter Evelyn to take her first step. She’s so close, and oh so adorable! Izzie enjoyed her trip to the “farm” so much, and is still exhausted. Ryan and I got to pick up our beautiful new recipe box made by Todd (pictures to come soon, we’re still trying to decide where it will live in our kitchen – I think it may be causing me to do a kitchen rearrangement).




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  1. Amy says:

    Boo. I can only see a couple of these pictures. :(

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