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30-day Vegan

When you’re not looking, you’ll spoon-feed your child all of your hang-ups about food. – Karen Maezen Miller When I was completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training, we were gifted participation in a 3-month whole food cooking workshop. The … Continue reading

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Vegan Cooking Update

I can’t believe how many things have milk and butter in them! I couldn’t find a loaf of bread that didn’t have milk.  My only hope at a restaurant was french fries or a salad with just lettuce.  Guess you … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

How nice to have a long weekend.  How nice to really enjoy a weekend and not feel (as) stressed to get it all done.  We had a very productive day.  The three of us spent a few hours in the … Continue reading

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Come On Izzie

Now that M talks, she talks a lot to Izzie.  She says “Come on Izzie” when she wants her to go somewhere.  Other phrases are “Margeaux chase Izzie,” “Izzie outside poop” and “No stop it Izzie” when the dog is … Continue reading

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Raw Chocolate Torte

30-Day Vegan is going very well!  I have not experienced any withdrawals, I am feeling full and satisfied, 100% not craving meat and only slightly missing cheese and yogurt – mostly because they are convenient snacks. I had already switched to … Continue reading

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