Raw Chocolate Torte

30-Day Vegan is going very well!  I have not experienced any withdrawals, I am feeling full and satisfied, 100% not craving meat and only slightly missing cheese and yogurt – mostly because they are convenient snacks. I had already switched to almond milk.  I think doing the 3-month Whole Food Kitchen workshop just before this has really helped me.  This was only just a teensy bit of a change from that.

In the span of about a week we’ll have three birthdays at work.  We have a friend of a friend, “the cake lady,” make all our birthday cakes and it was really hard on Monday not to eat any of that delicious cake! One of my co-workers is gluten free and two others are also taking the 30-day vegan workshop, so I took the opportunity to make something “different” for her birthday and made this Raw Vegan Chocolate Torte. It was pretty easy to make, but you need a pretty serious blender.  Mine was getting super tired. And it’s not cheap – it uses a lot of nuts! I think the consensus at work was that it was pretty good. I suggest serving it with fresh fruit. Enjoy!

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