Hurry, Hurry

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for weeks it seems. In fact, the issue I was having almost seems to have resolved itself, or I seem to have resigned myself to it, or a little bit of both.

I’m lucky enough to get to work a semi part time schedule, arriving at 8am and leaving at 3pm Monday through Friday. But this means I really want to make sure I arrive promptly at 8am. And mornings were starting to get rough as my 2 year old starting talking more, and stalling more. She was having fits in the evenings, and so bedtime was taking a while. I was having to wake her up at 6am and she was not happy about it overall. Breakfast time was a challenge and I was just not getting to work on time. We decided to move bedtime to a little earlier, so that she’s asleep between 7pm and 7:30pm and then we wake her up about 6am if she’s not up already.  I found myself saying “Hurry, Hurry, Mommy has to get to work” several times each morning as I rushed us through getting dressed, breakfast and teeth brushing. Somehow, the mornings have smoothed out nicely. I’m not really sure what happened but I find myself asking her to hurry less, which makes me feel a lot better. I think I kind of decided that it’s ok if I’m a few minutes late so I can enjoy a fun minute or two with my daughter before we leave each other for the day.  And I think I kind of decided that it’s ok if the dishes are still there in the evening when I get home.  I think some of it was just the overall work I did a few weeks ago to refresh my attitude and approach. Now, if she’s not getting dressed in the morning, I tell her I would like us to go eat breakfast together, but if she can’t get dressed she can stay in her room and call me when she is ready to get dressed and come eat with me. When I ask her to do something, I stick with it, not asking a zillion times and walking away if she’s not willing to work with me. Overall, life just seems to be moving along more smoothly since I started being more consistent.  I am sure they’ll be another something or other soon, and we’ll handle that when the time comes.

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