14 Months Old

Miss M is 14 months and 1 week old.  I took her to the doctor because she’s been feeling under the weather.  At first I thought it might have been a runny nose from her first two molars coming in (her 9th tooth that I posted about a few weeks ago was actually just the tip of a molar coming in!).  The runny nose got grosser and she’s been up several nights.  Finally after about 3 hours up in the middle of the night Sunday night, I took her to the doctor.  Sure enough, she’s teething like CRAZY, has a cold/sinus thing and an ear infection.  So, now she’s on antibiotics and hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon.  The doctor was concerned with her weight loss.  BUT, thanks to my record keeping on this blog, I figured out that the doctor must have mis-read the 12 month weight.  The doctor thought her weight at 1 year was 22lbs, but upon a further inspection of her file, she was 20 lbs.  At 14 months, she is 19.5 lbs.  So, while she has lost weight, she’s not as bad as we thought.  We’ll work to get her rounded out and she’ll be enjoying liverwurst for dinner.

The good news is, since there has been less fatty foods around our house (I haven’t been buying ice cream or eating the candy or sweets people bring to work) I have lost almost 15 lbs!  I’ve been doing yoga and walking too.  I feel great!

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