Taking a Break from the Gym

This week, I put my gym membership on hold.  There were several reasons, all of which were just excuses to cover for the fact that I am just not going.  Here they are:

– Can’t get there at 5:30pm because I work farther away now (this has been my excuse for almost 2 years now) and I often work until 5:30pm or later.

– Weather is nice, so I will work out outside, hike, bike, jog, walk the dog, etc.  I need to make this happen.

– Summer is going to be busy and why should I pay for a membership I am not using.

– They canceled a lot of the good classes and they just don’t have as many convenient classes anymore.

– Prefer to be home after work.

– Need the money.

Membership is on hold until December 1st, at which point I will reevaluate and see if I want to start going again or quit altogether.  I was pretty annoyed that when I went in to put my membership on hold, they did not ask me any questions about why.  They did not have a survey for me to fill out.  When I mentioned that they had really cut their schedule, that there used to be both a cardio and a strength option at 5:30pm and at 6:30pm, they didn’t even seem to notice I was speaking.

Oh, and the sign in the bathroom saying that members were noticing an odor of urine near the showers and that urinating in the showers was against the rules didn’t really impress me either.  Ok, I’m lying. It gave me a chuckle.  And I am using it as just another excuse as to why I am not going.

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