. . . is non-existent. This post will be all about me fighting with myself, and making excuses. Just a little warning. I’ve been feeling a little guilty that I haven’t really been to the gym regularily since before we got married. And on the other hand, it’s been really nice coming right home from work. To make the gym at 5:30pm, which was my normal routine before I started working downtown, I would have to leave my office at 4:45pm. That is NOT possible. If I change before 5pm and leave at 5pm on the dot, speed like crazy, and run from the parking lot to the gym, I can make the 5:30pm classes. That is nearly impossible. Most days I am not ready or able to leave by 5pm, and on the days I am, I feel guilty about leaving right at 5pm when most others are staying until at least 6pm. And it’s not like I am resting on my laurels, whatever that means. Ryan and I have gone biking on the rails to trails for the last 2 weekends. We even went on a hike with Izzie after work last night. I consider myself a reasonably active person. Maybe I just need to be ok with not being the gym-rat I was before I got married, got a better job with a longer commute, and got a dog. Of course, there are things I could be doing at home that I am not doing. Oh, and the other thing that’s making me feel funny is the Manchester Road Race. I know I hardly ever prep by running a lot, but at least I had been at the gym a bunch. I am afraid this year I willl really suck, or just skip it! I don’t want to skip it! Maybe it will rain and that will be my excuse! So while I think I am ok with not going to the gym everyday, I think I should probably try to get there 2x a week. Then maybe Yoga once a week, biking once a week, and hiking once a week. That’s a nice balance. We’ll see. I just know I am not ready to let go of the membership yet – I am not really into being outdoors (winter sports) in the winter.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank GOD you’ve finally posted again. I wondered if all that Ryan snuggling was taking up your blogging time. Happy to see you back- though don’t worry about the summertime slackerfest you’ve endured.

    Good routine/plan. I’ve been feeling the same way as you. And while I still need to tweek the plan I’ve set out, I’ve also been feeling like I’ve been enjoying yummier (read: fattening) foods though I don’t feel my butt growing at such a rapid pace… sorry, enough about me- now stop beating yourself up about it and focus on finding a good work/home balance and if you can fit in some sort of exercise, even a 10 minute walk around the block, you’ll do fine.

    Hang in there little one. And don’t beat yourself up so much! You’re a buff chicka. Taking some time off is good for your morale.


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