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30-day Vegan

When you’re not looking, you’ll spoon-feed your child all of your hang-ups about food. – Karen Maezen Miller When I was completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training, we were gifted participation in a 3-month whole food cooking workshop. The … Continue reading

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Maybe the Difference is Me.

I keep saying that it’s going so much better this time around than last time around.  I think S is a different baby than M, there are many circumstances that are different, and I am just different too.  I think … Continue reading

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Election, 27 Weeks, Recipes

The election has come and gone and I still don’t think my home state of Florida has figured out who their electoral votes will go to. Oh well, at least the winner is clear and he’s the guy I like. … Continue reading

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Catching Up

I’ve been slacking on blogging (over a month!) and I’m working on catching up. It’s been nuts around here with R heading back to school, my office moving locations (and me working on much of the logistics), being tired from … Continue reading

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Mental Health Day

It was supposed to be a day spent teaching yoga to some good friends who so kindly volunteered to be my guinea pigs, but it turned in to a relaxing mental health day. Life is busy these days with R … Continue reading

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Hopes for 2012

After reviewing my Hopes for 2011 and recapping about them, I’m ready to put my hopes for 2012 out there into the universe. COMPOSTING: Get back in to it and get serious about doing it all the time, not just … Continue reading

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Hopes for 2011 Recap

Here we go again.  Another year has almost passed us by already! Last year, I refrained from making resolutions, but instead documented some personal hopes for the year. Let’s recap 2011: – My $100, year-long gym membership went unused, as … Continue reading

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