Prepping for the New Year

Happy almost New Year! I’m wondering if the moms out there make resolutions? I used to . . . until I had a kid! The year I became a mom, I took it easier on myself and stopped making resolutions and started listing out my hopes. Such as, in 2011, I HOPE to . . . get to the yoga studio once a week, plant a garden, walk the dog more often. That way, it’s not that I am breaking a resolution, I’m just not doing something I had kind of hoped to do. Much less rigid.

This is my first New Year with two kids. I’m taking it simpler than even “hopes” for this upcoming year. I’m taking it one day at a time here people. I can’t take credit for the idea though – my fellow blogger, Vivian, over at had the idea first (but weekly). I think Gretchen Rubin also did something similar when she was writing The Happiness Project. (BTW, this is a book I would highly recommend for a little New Year’s reading).

The Plan:

Come up with a list of several things I’d like to do every single day – small things. Put those into a jar and pick one a day. It could be in the morning for that day, or the night before for the next day. Start that thing as a daily routine and then choose another one for the next day – adding to the previous days’ things. Track the whole thing somehow. Don’t kill myself over it.

Getting Started:

First thing I did was create quick a list for myself. Then I emailed a bunch of people to see what their “one thing” would be and noted those.

To Do:

I’ve got to finalize my list, pick a jar and most importantly figure out how to track this and keep myself accountable.

I’ll post some sample daily resolutions soon.

PS – if you’re up for making “hopes” and need some inspiration, here are mine from 2011, 2012 and it looks like I neglected to do anything for 2013. In my defense I was about to have a baby and there was just about no extra planning happening!
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