Election, 27 Weeks, Recipes

The election has come and gone and I still don’t think my home state of Florida has figured out who their electoral votes will go to. Oh well, at least the winner is clear and he’s the guy I like. Check out this video we took of M mispronouncing our President’s name and cursing without even knowing what a curse word is. We’re going straight to hell for this one.

I’m now 27 weeks pregnant with baby #2 who may or may not be a girl. I don’t feel any morning, or anytime of day, sickness. However, my back is giving me some problems and this week I feel like something’s stabbing me in the pubic bone every time I move. I slightly remember this from last time around, with them telling me, oh that’s just the baby’s skull (or whatever bone) rubbing on your pubic bone. Awesome.

I managed to make two new recipes this week, which really makes me feel like a rock star. I googled one, since I was in the mood for some sort of casserole and had a hankering for tuna. It was cheesy goodness with a hint of tuna noodle casserole. It even included some spinach.  Toddler verdict = no way Jose.  She sometimes doesn’t like stuff that has a lot going on like this recipe does. Tonight I made Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo, which was a recipe I had pinned on Pinterest. I was nervous about roasting the red peppers, but it was SO easy. I was able to leave work at 3pm, drive in the snow to pick up M and get this meal on the table just a few minutes after 5pm. It made a ton of the sauce and I am actually going to end up freezing half of the sauce.  If you used a whole box of pasta instead of half you cold eat this all week and use all the sauce. It was delicious and easy. M called it spaghetti and ate it right up and then asked for hummus and cucumbers. Man, I love that kid. (Don’t get me wrong, two other nights this week she ate 5 cherry tomatoes and half an apple).

Christmas is SOON. Thanksgiving is SOONER. We had our first snowfall today. I am SO SO SO excited about the holidays this year. I am aching to see some family and can’t wait to get my fix for both holidays. M was excited about the snow today and I know that the holidays are just going to be awesome to see through her eyes. I can’t wait to put up our little fake tree and get out the holiday books. I love my crazy life.

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