Why Isn’t Every Day A Weekend Day?

I guess if every day was a weekend day, we’d never fully appreciate the weekends.  This past weekend I had my first of 12 weekends (ten 3-day weekends and two Saturday-only weekends) of (200-hr) Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) that will happen over the next ten months.  It was intense, and wonderful, and scary.  I was less scared then I thought I would be, but I am still totally out of my element.  I haven’t been in school in ten years!  I assume I practice less than everyone else in the room, but who knows, and that’s not important.  One of the things I hope to gain from this is some self confidence not to compare myself to other people.   I want to hold myself up to standards and ethics, but there is no reason to think I am any better or any worse than anyone else.  I want to just be the person my dog thinks I am.

Anyway, I want in to this being nervous, but not as nervous as I thought I’d be.  I guess one of the benefits of being so busy is you don’t even have time to worry or maybe I am finally chilling out a little bit.  On Friday night, we skipped the housekeeping things, and got right down to yoga.  We practiced from about 6:30pm – 9:30pm.  What a great way to start the weekend.  On Saturday morning, I had M to myself, since R was taking his Praxis II, his final step to public school teacher certification (results in a few weeks).  I was glad to have this quality time with her, because I was then gone from 12:30 – 6:30pm on Saturday and 8:30am – 5:30pm on Sunday.  There was a lot of practice, some meditation, some lecture.  I really soaked it all in.  I can’t wait until my books arrive so I can start studying.  What a difference it makes when you’re studying something you’re really interested in!  We’ll be learning the techniques, the background, the philosophy, everything. I can hardly wait for the next weekend.

In the meantime, I’ll work to cultivate a home practice and will be thankful if I can make it to my favorite studio once a week.  If I make it twice a week I will jump with joy!  I’m already feeling like I am taking deeper breaths off the mat and really hope I can keep the momentum for the amazing weekend close to my heart.

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