Ujjayi Breathing in My Life

I found Ujjayi breath through my yoga practice.  Even though yoga isn’t a daily (or weekly) part of my life lately, I am still using this breathing technique often.  It was such a gift to have my birth partner, my husband, help me with Ujjayi breathing throughout M’s birth.  I often use it when I am putting M to sleep.  After she gets her bottle and I lay her down, my heart sometimes starts beating faster, anticipating her waking as I lay her down to sleep.  I breath deeply, first filling the lower belly, then moving the breath into the lower rib cage, and finally into the upper chest and throat.  I exhale through my nose and slow my heart rate and start to relax.  I also do this when she’s crying and we both need to take it down a notch.  I think she likes hearing me breathe, and it makes her settle down as well.  Whenever I start to feel myself tense up, I try to activate this breathing and just relax.  It’s been very helpful to me.

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