19 :: June

Last Thursday we had two important appointments.  The second one (I’ll write about the first one tomorrow) was to take S to the eye doctor. At her four month appointment her pediatrician thought she might have seen some exotropia in her left eye and wanted us to have it checked out. Taking a four and a half month old to the eye doctor didn’t sound like any fun to me, but it actually wasn’t too bad. These people are total pros! They even dilated her eyes. And I can’t believe they can tell this on a four month old, but – she’s extremely far sighted. It’s not so much the farsightedness that is the issue but that children accommodate for this by straining their eyes to see correctly and this can therefore cause a cross-eye or a lazy eye. She’ll have a follow up appointment in four months, when she’s eight months old. I didn’t ask a lot of what if questions. Believe me, I wanted to. But it doesn’t change anything, so we’ll just deal with it at the next appointment if we need to. They start kids as young as six months old in glasses! It was hard to hear that she’s not perfect and hard to hear that she may need to wear glasses (or may grow out of it) because you don’t ever want to think about how cruel kids can be. I just love this kid so much I want her to be this happy everyday!

6-16-13 S smile 6-15-13 S 6-15-13 S carseat 6-15-13 S and Mom 6-15-13 S and Mom 2

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