Toddler Life

As the mom of a two (almost three) year old, I deal with a lot of crying and whining. I think it just comes with the territory. At this age they have a lot of opinions and need to control something in their small world. Someone at work sent me the link to this blog and I was absolutely dying laughing. Every single picture made me say – RIGHT?!!?
After a hard night of solo (with two kids) dinner, bath time, bedtime routine, I thought – why didn’t I think of this blog? I could totally have this blog too. So, I started out with this photo:

photoShe’s crying because I gave her sister the green pacifier instead of the pink pacifier. How this affects her – I do not know. But it’s just absolutely devastating and ruins her whole night. Such is toddler life I guess.

Note: When I floated my brilliant idea for a blog segment to my husband he did not think it was funny at all. He compared it to this blog. For the record, I think that blog is pretty hilarious too. He thinks they are both mean. So, I get only this one post. In my defense, maybe if he had been there for this epic meltdown he might have laughed about it too. If you don’t laugh you’ll cry – right?

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