9 Months Old

S is already 9 months old! Slow down on the growing up, will you kiddo? But please, please, go back to sleeping through the night. You’ve been doing it for so long, you must be a pro – please, make a come back.

10-25-13 S 9 months 1


16 lbs, 9 oz (50th percentile)
27 1/4 inches (45th percentile)

The rough sleeping started just before we went to New Hampshire several weeks ago (first weekend in October). My mom has taken her to the doctor two or three times for us since then, as we were sure she must have an ear infection or something. Please, something, anything that we can throw some medicine at and make it go away. On top of rough bedtimes and rough nights, we’re having really early mornings – like between 4:30-5am. Oh and did I mention R is *this close* to being ready to turn in his doctoral thesis –  *this close*. So, while I am so so so so so lucky to have my parents here (I think my mom must be a saint), it’s been tough parenting without my spouse for the most part for several weeks. And then when you add such fragmented sleep – this mama is absolutely exhausted. The doctor thinks this is probably just an age thing and that it’s time for some tough love at bedtime. Last night when she woke up around 8:30pm, I let her cry and she put her self back to sleep and tonight she seems to be down – so maybe the tiny little bit of “sleep training” I did worked – we’ll see!

10-25-13 S 9 Months 2

During the day, she’s an absolute joy. She’s pretty easy going, which is good because she starts daycare in a few short weeks. She’ll be so sad to see Grandpa go back to Florida, but we’ve been able to convince Grandma to stay a few more weeks until mid-November.  S crawls everywhere now, and pretty fast. She’s really into trying to tip over the dog’s water bowl and tried to crawl into the dog crate today. She’s pulled herself up to standing a few times. All of a sudden she seems really interested in finger foods, and I imagine we’ll start trying more of those very soon.

10-25-13 S 9 months 3

She’s still on breast milk, but had recently cut back to only two small bottles a day, so I was able to donate another 50 ounces to someone. But now she seems to be back to wanting to drink more. We’ll see how well I can keep it with her at daycare. I can’t say enough great stuff about this baby – she’s just amazing!

Here are her sister’s stats for 6 months old.


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1 Response to 9 Months Old

  1. Shannon says:

    Cute pics! My twin girls are 9 months old too. It goes by so fast. I just weaned them, and they don’t sleep through the night either. And they are bigger (20lbs and 25lbs) so they have no excuse. Lol

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