Easter 2014

And following my late post for S’s 15 month birthday, here’s a super late post from Easter! Just like last year, we colored eggs! Last year we also did our first egg “hunt” at a local high school. This year I wanted something that required a little more actual hunting for eggs. I saw a blog post from some local moms that had a very nice summary of ideas and chose one that was close to home and sounded really fun. It was at a park and kids were led along a wooded trail and found eggs, some with candy and some pretend bird eggs. At the end the kids had to figure out which bird eggs went in which nest. M loved it and they had a great playground to explore when we were done. Even S loved it! She would have picked eggs up all day. On Easter morning, we did a little egg hunt in our living room and the girls opened their Easter baskets. Then we went to our Unitarian Church for their Easter music celebration (R played the cello!). We had great friends and their kids over for Easter dinner. It was a really nice family centric Easter this year.

4-17-14 dying eggs 1

4-18-14 M easter dress

4-19-14 M and S easter bunny

4-19-14 M and S egg hunt

4-19-14 M easter bunny

4-19-14 S egg hunt 1

4-19-14 S egg hunt 2

4-19-14 S swing daddy

4-20-14 Easter S 2

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2 Responses to Easter 2014

  1. Mandy says:

    Hi! I just saw that you linked back to our Easter post. Thanks so much! It looks like you got a chance to check out Northwest Park’s event. So glad to hear that you had fun. One of my favorite parks to visit! ~Mandy

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