12 :: May

It’s been a heck of a couple of weeks. Heck, it’s been a heck of a month. I’ll tell you about it sometime soon. In addition to a bunch of stuff going on with me, R has been working nights for the last two weeks in a row. I’ve had lots of help from my parents, which is SO nice, but I’ve also been putting both kids to bed most nights for the last two weeks. Good thing S usually goes right down. M and I have been enjoying some nice quality time, watching a George on the couch and then snuggling up in my bed to tell princess stories under the covers. She’s been super sweet. I mean these are the moments I pictured – cuddled on the couch, cuddled in my bed. But she’s also been super hard – saying NO a lot, trying to negotiate a lot and even hitting me and twice spitting right in my face (and not in the cute ‘I’m blowing raspberries’ kind of way). It’s a good thing we’ve had so many tender moments lately too. I’ve been trying to use each bad moment as a learning experience for both of us. You really do have to have a thick skin to be a mama. I hope she invites me to her birthday party after all.

4-12-14 M and Mom

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