Happy Easter

I’d call this post baby’s first Easter, but let’s be real – S just slept right through all the fun! On Friday we went over to a neighboring town’s Easter egg hunt which was organized by age. The two year olds went first and it was more of an egg pick up then an egg hunt – it was garbage bags upon garbage bags of eggs laid out on the high school’s football field. M came home with 15 eggs stuffed with super non-toddler friendly candy. We promptly put her down for a nap and replaced all that sticky chewy candy (now and laters, etc) with MnM’s. On Easter Sunday we got up a little bit early to see what the Easter Bunny had left the girls.  M got a basket with some stickers, fruit snacks, a Steve Songs DVD and a cute little stuffed bunny in a basket.  S got a stuffed lamb and a book about a bunny. We did a quick egg hunt around the living room. We had to scramble because R had volunteered to play at our local UU Meetinghouse, but M wanted to open each egg and look at it.  We had to convince her to put them in her basket.  I decided to try taking both girls to the service (in their matching outfits from Grandma Jane). I put M in the childcare, which worked out great, but I hear is only staffed about 50% of the time. S slept through the whole service. The service and music were great and it was really nice to be back with that community, even if we won’t be able to make it on a regular basis. We had Ham and Potatoes for dinner – a very no frills Easter with just our little family of four.

Note: S is 9 weeks old in these photos.

3-29-13 Egg Hunt 2 3-29-13 Egg Hunt 3-29-13 M and Dad Egg Hunt 3-29-13Egg Hunt 3 3-31-13 Easter Dresses 3-31-13 M Easter Basket Watching her new Steve Songs DVD:3-31-13 M Watching Steve Songs 3-31-13 S and Daddy 3-31-13 S Easter

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