15 Months Old

Like I said, I am SO BEHIND on blogging! S turned 15 months old over two weeks ago and I’m just now getting around to posting about it! She’s walking everywhere and really starting to get into things. She’s very interested in going outside to play and gets really upset if someone goes outside to grill something or take the trash out and doesn’t take her with them. She’s home full time with my mom right now. She sometimes takes two naps a day, but for the most part just takes one. She’s in that in between stage where she still wants to go down for a nap in the morning, but probably would be ok with just one after lunch nap like M. I was really starting to notice how little S talks (especially compared to M) but they did not seem concerned at her check up. She hardly even says Mama or Dada to me and R. She is able to say the sounds, but just doesn’t. She understands EVERYTHING we say, I am sure of it. But all of a sudden she’s starting to say some things.

Her list of words includes:
un-oh (her first)
Row, row, row (as in “your boat”)
woof (to Izzie)
night night
bye bye
good girl (to Izzie)

She continues to sleep all night like a champ – usually from about 7pm – 6am. She has been on the same evening routine for quite some time. She gets a bath with M, then teeth and jammies, then nurses, sits up, gives me a kiss and points to her crib. She has little interest in cuddling and just grabs her blanket, pops her thumb in her mouth and is off to dream land. She’s even been known to go grab her blanket from between the slats in her crib to tell you she’s ready for a nap. She imitates M a lot. They are starting to really play together and their favorite thing to do is chase each other around the house screaming and giggling. She had been biting a lot (M) but that seems to have calmed down. She hits M a lot when she wants something M has or when M takes something she wants. She makes this certain shriek that we know means we must get them apart ASAP. M is doing better and better at not hitting her back and giving her a “nice touch” instead. We stress how important it is to teach S these things by showing her what the right decision is.

She’s a pretty great eater, but is slowing down a bit lately. She loves pancakes, waffles, sausage (a lot!), eggs, cheese, meatballs, green peas, mac and cheese, yogurt and potato chips ;) I have a feeling she’ll try things (like TV and potato chips) sooner than we let M because she has an older sibling. (Side not – M doesn’t even like potato chips!)

All in all, I am lucky to have another amazing kiddo!

4-24-14 S gpa R

4-27-14 S sunglasses

4-28-14 S at Fathom

4-30-14 S with bass


15 Month Stats:

Weight: 20 lbs (10th percentile)
Height: 30″ (40th percentile)

For these milestone posts, I usually link back to M’s post at the same age. For 15 months, all I could find was this photo. I think that big October snow storm happened the day after M turned 15 months old and our power was out for several days and I just never got my act together to post her stats. Or maybe we missed the appointment altogether. That was a crazy week or two!

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