One Thing – An Update

So, this never really happened.

My friends gave great suggestions and maybe my asking them prompted them to add one thing to their lives that they had been wanting to do daily.

I changed this to a once a week thing instead of my original plan to try to take on one new thing a day. I got about four weeks in and here are the results:

  • Wash Face – I managed to do this most days, especially in the beginning. I think this has really helped my skin. Also, it made me brush my teeth more because it created more of an evening routine. I dare to say it even helped me sleep a little more because it really helped me close out the day and start the night.
  • Give the dog more love – I took this to be two things: pet and engage the dog more and also to brush the dog’s teeth more. Both lasted a week or two.
  • Give the cat more love – Well, I’m on the fence about this one. The cat died this year, so overall it didn’t work out very well. But I hope that by keeping this goal in mind I gave her a lot of extra love during those last six weeks of her life and also that I brought her to the vet sooner than I might have in the past.
  • Pick out clothes the night before – I was already doing this for the girls mostly, but I wanted to start doing this for myself as well. I wasn’t really successful at all with this.

Yesterday I cleaned out my junk drawer in my dresser and tossed the rest of these goals. Oh well. I feel like right now I’m more focused on making my personal space (my home) more organized and inviting and I’m not feeling like I can handle such rigid goals.

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