Hopes for 2011

I don’t really have any resolutions.  That would just feel silly to me.  I can’t really get ahead enough yet to plan to do anything.  I wonder if that gets better or not? After the New Year, I will be back at work 5 days a week, so hopefully that will make me feel in more of routine.  So, instead of setting myself goals or resolutions, I am going to think up some hopes for 2011.

In 2011, I hope to . . .

> attend a yoga class once a week on good week.

> attend the gym twice a week, no matter how my week looks.  More if possible.

> plant a garden again.

> sing and dance with my kiddo.

> walk the dog more often.

That’s about all I can commit to at this time :)





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4 Responses to Hopes for 2011

  1. jenngator222 says:

    So far I have done well at one of these – singing and dancing with my kid! I haven’t seen the gym since the first week in January, and I am lucky if I’ve made yoga once a month, but oh well – life is still good!

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