5 Months Old

S is 5 months old! I’m tempted to say we haven’t been to the doctor is a while, so we don’t know her weight. That, of course, means we’ll be needing to make a trip there soon. The universe will hear that and I’ll have two sick kids by week’s end. We’re hoping to keep sickness away as M’s surgery is a week from today. Anyway, back to S. She’s getting very physical. When you set her down on the mat or in her crib (without the sleep sack) she often turns right over onto her stomach from her back. I have a feeling she’ll be moving sooner than the other one! We haven’t started solid food with her yet for the same reason we hadn’t with M at this point – we just haven’t gotten around to it. Right now we’re focusing on M’s surgery and then we’ll move on to the solid food for S when we feel like we really have the energy to focus on it. She sleeps through the night pretty much every night. She gets a bath with M, then I put her to bed and someone else (my mom or R) puts M to bed. S nurses and then falls asleep pretty quickly after. She’ll sometimes fuss a little when I put her down or shortly there after and I’ll feed her some more. Sometimes she’s up at 4:30am and I bring her into our bed, nurse her and she goes back to sleep. Sometimes she sleeps until I’m out of the shower at 5:30am. She’s pretty much always happy and full of smiles in the mornings. She spits up a lot, but not the projectile spit ups that M did. My mom read somewhere that the height of spitting up is around 4 months, so hopefully we’re on the tail end of that. She doesn’t mind it, but it’s awfully messy and stinky. As M did, she has total head control but isn’t sitting up unaided yet. She’s still a really chill baby. She pretty much only loses it when she’s really tired – which is daily – but at least it’s pretty easy to tell why she’s upset and not too difficult to get her calmed down and to sleep. She loves watching everyone and everything going on around her. She hasn’t started laughing yet :)

6-25-13 S 5 months

Here’s the post from when M turned 5 months old.

M wanted me to take a photo of her with the 5 as well:


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