Last Day of Daycare

Today was M’s last day of daycare. I cannot believe how fast she’s growing up. It’s so amazing having conversations with this little girl. I love our rides home in the car, just me and her. I love the way she tried to negotiate with me on things and her rationale for why she should be able to do something she cannot. She really cracks me up sometimes! Tomorrow and this weekend we’ll hang with her cousins and R’s side of the family. Tuesday is her surgery and then she’ll have all summer with Grandma and S. She’ll start at her new school in early September. She was super excited to take cupcakes to her friends on her last day of school.

6-27-13 M last day daycare

On a side note, no CSA photo this week as we’re too nuts tonight to have time. And no photo next week because someone else is picking up and distributing to help us out because of M’s surgery (Thanks Molly!).

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