5 Months Old

5 months old, 15.5 lbs and loving life – so are we!

We haven’t started cereal yet, mostly just because we haven’t gotten around to it.  She’s still working on finding her feet – we think she hasn’t yet because they are always in socks or pjs! Still working on rolling over from back to front.  She sits up while assisted, but still falls over if you let go.  She has total head control.  She smiles a ton, and smiles across the room if she meets our eyes or hears our voices.  Her favorite song is the bicycle song, which we learned at mom and baby yoga.  We’ve just started music classes.  After the New Year, she’ll be going to daycare 3 days a week, and staying home with daddy 2 days a week.  (Mommy is back to work 5 short days a week).  She’s all done sleeping with the swaddle,  and has moved on to the sleep sack/wearable blanket.  She still sleeps with the womb bear at night.  She usually gets up about once during the night (goes to bed about 7pm, and wakes up about 6:30am).  She’s really starting to find her voice, and she even has a sleepy song.  She is facinated with her hands, and puts anything she can get them on into her mouth.  She loves her Sophie the Giraffe.  No teeth yet.  Also, we’ve stopped her reflux medication, and she’s doing great!

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