Evaluation Results

Last night, at the suggestion of our pediatrician, we had an agency from Birth to Three come out to take a look at Miss M.  The concern is that she’s over 9 months old, and she still doesn’t roll over.  If you put her on her stomach, she stays there, and the same goes for on her back.  She squirms and scoots and pushes herself backwards, but she just doesn’t try to roll over, either way.  She goes to sleep on her back, and rolls to her side to get comfy, but never to her stomach on purpose.  She sits up, but doesn’t go from laying down to sitting up or vice versa.  So, they determined that she is not eligible for the program (which is good!) because she has great fine motor skills (picking up puffs, pointing, etc) but that her gross motor skills are lacking.  She’s skipped some important transitional movements, such as rolling over, and sitting up from laying down, or laying down from sitting up.  So, being the person that I am, I want to know – how did this happen?  I must have done something wrong.  If only I stayed home with her, I could have taught her.  Guilt. Guilt. and more Guilt.  They didn’t really give a reason, just a combination of things.   She has great strength and balance, so when she started sitting up, I don’t think we put her on her stomach as much.  She slept in a swaddle for many months and then a wearable blanket until about 2 weeks ago (because it’s cold up north!)  They assured me this doesn’t mean anything for her mental development and she is plenty strong.  They gave us several things to work on, including practicing rolling over and the correct way to learn to crawl.  We have a lot of work to do, but I am sure she will pick it up fast.  Even after working with them for an hour and a half last night, she was able to transition from sitting up to laying on her stomach this morning.  I know she’ll get it, but man, it sure makes you feel like you should have done more.  You immediately feel guilty for working, for time spent with her in the bouncer, and like you’re failing her.  I know that’s unreasonable, but it’s just how it is right now.  On a more positive note, the evaluation was easy and she enjoyed playing with them.  The evaluators were amazing and wonderful.  And thank goodness for a healthy, happy child.

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4 Responses to Evaluation Results

  1. Jen says:

    You are wonderful parents!!!! Don’t ever forget that! She is wonderful and will all of a sudden be on the run and you will wish she was still sitting still!



  2. Mom says:

    Jen is absolutely right! You guys are doing an awesome job with Miss M!!

  3. Andrea says:

    Ryan took a while to roll over and then never did it much, like she was too good for it. Just as I was getting worried she moved onto the next milestone. She never really crawled, by the time she got it she moved onto walking, which she did a little late also. she was nothing like AJ and even he had me worried at times (silly looking back on it). Certainly nothing you did wrong! One day she’ll do all of things at once just to show you she is her own little self. She’s still a cutie!!

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