Hurricane Sandy

We were very lucky with Hurricane Sandy. While our power went out tons of times, it never stayed out and we didn’t have to relive last October’s horrible week-long power outage or the post storm homelessness. And it’s looking like Halloween and trick or treating in our own neighborhood will actually happen this year!

My office was open yesterday, but I decided not to chance it and stayed home. The governor was saying to stay off the roads, and my office is several towns away from home.  Turns out the state closed the highways at 1pm and my office also closed at 1pm.  M’s daycare was closed and R’s school was also closed (and will be through Wednesday – guess they don’t have power or are a shelter for the 50% of that town without power?). The storm started mid-day yesterday with winds and rains being most intense in the late evening hours. We were sure our power would go out, so we ate everything up from our freezer and fridge in anticipation.  Everything we did was with anticipation of losing power at any minute.  We were really lucky we didn’t lose it!  Our neighbors’ fence did fall into our yard and I did see a tree or two down in the neighborhood.  Overall, it was a low key day with lots of family time, which was exactly what this little family needed.  We had dance parties on couch cushions and pajama concerts in rocking chairs. R and I even watched Shutter Island after M went to bed. It was a great day, except that we forgot to carve the pumpkin! I don’t see any reason why trick or treating won’t be on as planned.  I’m looking forward to great Halloween with my little monkey!

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