Forward Facing Car Seat

When M was about a year old the national standards were changed and it was suggested that kids stay rear facing until two years old. Bummer, since her rear facing car seat seems to take up so much space even in my SUV. At two we headed back to the fire station for the car seat inspection and were told that at 23 lbs she just did not weigh enough to move to forward facing.  She’s now 25 lbs, forward facing in both cars and loving it!

All in all it was a great morning off with my girl (I came in a few hours late, then worked late). We started out at the dentist where she sat in the chair, leaned back and let them look at her teeth, pick at them a little and apply fluoride. She was an absolute champ. Maybe it helped how much I hyped it up for the 24 hours before. Then we were off to the fire station where she got to hug a policewoman and sit in the firetruck twice!  I wished I’d had the whole day to enjoy with my big girl.

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