Power Outage continued . . .

Like I said, we stayed two cold nights in the house without power (Saturday and Sunday) and then two nights with my boss and his family (Monday and Tuesday) and by Wednesday we were just over Connecticut.  We had confirmed that the school where R teaches was going to be closed for the week and CL&P put out a prediction of Sunday for our power to be back on (8 days after it went out), hotels were still packed with no capacity, so we felt like we wanted to get out of dodge.  We headed up north to New Hampshire to stay with my aunt and uncle.  It was a very relaxing stay after a few hectic nights.  On Friday night we got the call from our neighbor that the power was back on.  I was still waiting to hear if my yoga studio was back up and running, because I had training at 12noon on Saturday.  We planned to go back Saturday, but just weren’t sure if we needed to hurry back or could enjoy the Farmers’ Market in NH first.  Friday night, the studio also got its power back, so Saturday morning we headed home, with about 20 minutes to spare before my 6.5 hour training session began.  Saturday night I did as much as I could to get the house back in order, before totally crashing from exhaustion.  Sunday was just spent trying to get the house, yard, our lives, back together, and restocking the fridge for the second time in two months!  We are so happy to be home sleeping in our own (warm) beds.  This brief time without electricity, the feelings of helplessness and of not being able to provide shelter for our family have made us feel very thankful for all we have.

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