Halloween 2011 – The One That Almost Didn’t Happen

Halloween/Trick-or-Treating was cancelled due to the storm, all the power outages and downed power lines.  We were staying the night at my boss’s house.  His next door neighbor was having a big pizza party for all of the neighborhood kids, and the parents decided to let them trick or treat at a few houses.  R arrived with M’s costume (and the dog and cat) just in time.  We got settled in, and changed M (screaming) in to her costume.  Once she was out on the street with the other kids she was having a ball, running up and down the sidewalk laughing.

My Little Ladybug!


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2 Responses to Halloween 2011 – The One That Almost Didn’t Happen

  1. Mom says:

    She is just too cute!! What great pictures! Glad you were able to get out at least a bit.

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