How Many Weeks?

I was counting my weeks on Fridays.  The doctor’s office was counting my weeks on Mondays, and they were a little bit ahead of me. So, since we’re getting close, I’ve decided to get in line with how they are counting. Normally, I would have said I am 34 weeks tomorrow, but by doctor’s office calculations, I was 34 weeks this past Monday. So, we’re calling this photo 34.5 weeks.

34.5 Weeks - Abandoned Platform of Downtown Train Station

I still can’t believe there is a baby in there, even though I feel her move a lot and she gets the hiccups a couple of times a day most days.  They said her head is down, but that she’s kind of diagonal.  Her head is near my left hip and she seems to like to poke me in the ribs on the right side.  I go back to the doctor in about 2 weeks, and then it’s every week after that.  It’s weird to think that she’s “due” 5 weeks from Monday, and she could be as early as 2 weeks, so she could be here in 3 weeks!  Wow!  This seems like it was such a long time ago.

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4 Responses to How Many Weeks?

  1. Jen says:

    so exciting!!!!!!!

  2. Ashley says:

    Maddock got the hiccups all of the time too . . . and into the world having hiccups alot too. He was also diagonal and in my left ribs, I remember that was pretty uncomfortable at times. You seem to be having a pretty good pregnancy all in all though. I loved being pregnant, but I was ready for it to be over by the end of it all. I am so excited for you two, you will make such wonderful partents.

  3. Amy says:

    Back where she was conceived!

  4. Amy says:

    Oh my goodness-Dave just showed me where he sabotaged my comments–sorry about that–but I’m sure you figured it out already!

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