Belly Button

I consider the belly button an indicator of when the baby is ready to be born.  It “pops” out like the little thing on a Thanksgiving Turkey, alerting you that the “bird” is done.  My belly button hasn’t popped yet. (I did meet a woman the other day who was less than 15 weeks pregnant with her 3rd or so child, and hers was already out!)  However, mine is a walking advertisement for kids AGAINST getting your belly button pierced on the side of the road when you’re 15 and on a Girl Scout trip to Costa Rica.  Or really at all, for that matter.  So far, the only stretch marks (on the belly) that I have are between the two holes of the piercing, which are both now located “outside” my belly button as it continues to flatten out.  I can only hope that when (if?!) the belly button goes back to normal, the dark marks will be hidden down deep inside.  I know this is gross people, but you wanted more blogging, so this is what you get.

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4 Responses to Belly Button

  1. Allie Broadway says:

    I discovered a pretty icky skin tag on mine when it popped out which I will be seeing a dermatologist about and my hubby was nice enough to photoshop it out of all our maternity pics!!

  2. colleen says:

    photos! we need photot! mine would grow like an erection when I laughed…

  3. andrea says:

    that is the stretch mark i hate the most, but it does go back in and the marks do fade. just think, you will have a lint free belly button! :)

  4. Ashley says:

    My button never did pop but it got flat. I had to laugh about the belly ring hole . . . I have two, one on the side and one on top, pretty funny to see when you are pregnant, I forgot about that.

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