Being Aware of the Quiet Moments

Over the past week or so, I’ve been really aware of the quiet moments.  And of the types of situations I probably won’t be in again for some time.  I hesitate to list them, because it feels like I’m listing the things having a baby will no longer allow me to do.  But it’s just the opposite, it’s about appreciating those moments now, and then when she’s here appreciating the exact opposite of these types of moments.  So these are the things I’ve been taking the time to notice lately, and to appreciate now.

– Spending the afternoon in bed, sleeping or reading

– Spending the afternoon on the couch, watching horrible reality TV

– Getting up before Ryan, and getting ready for the day in silence

– Having an entire 24 hours to myself

– Being able to do things for friends, like babysit

– Play dates for Izzie

– Impromptu dinners out

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3 Responses to Being Aware of the Quiet Moments

  1. andrea says:

    just remember that not all the moments will be filled with a crying baby which some people think will happen. they will be filled with baby grins and baby giggles and baby snuggles, some of the best and most relaxing things. you will start to see the amazement of discovering your hand for the first time and the calming constant movement of a ceiling fan. you will even find that baby burps and grunts are some of the cutest things around! she’s almost here!!!

  2. Jen says:

    Well, I am happy to help with the izzie play dates and we don’t mind baby in tow for inpromptu dinners! And if you need a nap, I am good for about 2 hours with small ones. lol Can’t wait to meet the soon to be center of your world! :)

  3. Miranda says:

    oh! So exciting. I’m checking in here, and thinking good thoughts for you all!



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