Vegan Cooking Update

I can’t believe how many things have milk and butter in them! I couldn’t find a loaf of bread that didn’t have milk.  My only hope at a restaurant was french fries or a salad with just lettuce.  Guess you can’t blame a wing place! But the place where I finally broke down was a friend’s house. How can you pass up an “egg boat?” It was basically scrambled eggs on french bread with cheese and chives. So yummy. So, we enjoyed great food and great company with our friends and their little ones.

Since I last posted, I’ve tried a few new recipes and they all rocked: Broccoli Noodles with Thai Peanut Sauce, Easy Fried Rice, Clean and Fresh Quinoa Tabouli, Maple Tamari Roasted Almonds and Roasted Eggplant Napolean (pictured below).

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