First Day of Primary (PK3)

S started in the Primary program at her Montessori School about 2 weeks ago. I can’t believe she’s already in Primary. No more diapers or pull-ups (even at nap time!) and she’s on her own for bottom wiping. Sorry about all the potty talk, but those are big changes. She’s in with kids from Pre-K3 through K and none of the kids from her toddler classroom are in her new classroom. She doesn’t seem to mind and she at least gets to play on the playground with all of the Primary kids, including her old toddler friends and her sister. She walked right back with the teacher on her first day, which was a big difference from her first day of toddler just one year ago. It’s wonderful to have the girls at the same school and for me to be so active in the school community. It’s a really great place.


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