28 :: July

Life gets away from me and I find maintaining the blog is something I neglect. I hope one day to have it as a kind of journal of our family, along with our printed photos (do others still do that?), yearly photo books for the girls and digital photos. I finally found a better way to keep up with the digital photos and to back them up. We had a hard drive crash recently and I lost a few photos. I was able to recreate the on site backup, but I found myself realizing I needed to get into the cloud. So I’m using Amazon’s cloud option because it has unlimited photo storage for prime members. I’m planning to do a few posts – M’s bday, Kripalu, Tanglewood, Circus Smirkus and other summer catchup posts. In the meantime, enjoy this video of S singing the theme song to Peg + Cat.

We’re also enjoying a summer without having to constantly push M on the swing, as she can get her self started and keeping swinging by herself. However, S now wants to swing sitting up (instead of on her tummy) and wants to be pushed. Maybe next year we can just sit back and relax – ha!

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