Happy 4th Birthday Miss S.

My littlest baby is four! How can this be?! I just went back and read her three year old post and lots has changed and there’s a lot that’s the same. She still loves to snuggle just as much as she always has. She still sucks her thumb when she’s tired (usually only in the car and at bedtime) although the pediatrician wants her to stop now that she’s four. She still wakes about once a night about every other night or so. She just wants to come give me a snuggle and go back to bed. How come they never go over to Daddy’s side of the bed?! (spoiler – it’s because he doesn’t wake up).

One thing that has changed greatly over the past year, really since March, is her eyes. In May she got glasses and in December she had eye muscle surgery. We had her six week checkup just after her fourth birthday and they are very pleased with the results. We have not noticed crossing when she has her glasses on at all since the surgery. No matter what, this doesn’t seem to slow my girl down at all. She’s been totally resilient and unfazed by the whole thing.

Since last year, she’s started at a new school. It’s still Montessori, but now she’s in a public magnet school which is a tiny bit closer to our house than the other private school (and much more affordable). She seems to be adjusting well and enjoying herself.

She still wants to do all the things her sister does, but we’ve talked her into playing the cello instead of the violin. She’ll start lessons in the fall. She’s into Daniel Tiger and can play alone in her room with her stuffed animals and dolls for hours on end, making up big stories about what all the characters are doing.

She had an amazing birthday party at the Carousel and we celebrated at home with pancakes and ice cream cake for dinner.

Four Year Old Stats:

Height = 39.5 inches (25th percentile)
Weight = 31.5 lbs (10th percentile)


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