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Play Date for Izzie

Today Izzie, Margeaux and I went over to play with Max, Luke and Jenna.  We’re back home, and everyone is pooped, including me. 

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Activity Mat

Margeaux enjoys laying on her new activity mat (thanks Colleen and Laura!) even though she doesn’t quite look at the toys yet.  But I think Izzie loves the mat even more than Margeaux!  I have caught her playing on it … Continue reading

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My Other Baby

Izzie has a new trick.  She can now balance a treat on her nose.  We’re giving her lots of love in preparation for lots of distraction soon.  She’s loving life.  I think she has no idea what’s about to come … Continue reading

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Safe and Sound

Izzie is home from her second surgery and everything was a success.  They took out the stitches from the first surgery, took out more teeth, did a few more small bone grafts, and put sealants on her remaining teeth.  Her … Continue reading

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Nine Days Later

We’re nine days out from Izzie’s first surgery and she’s doing great!  We’ve had some issues with her diet (how do you think your body would react to an all liquid diet!) but after tweaking what she eats, when and … Continue reading

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Izzie’s Homecoming

Izzie’s home from surgery and doing well. It’s going to be a long road. They did a lot. I can’t even begin to tell you all they did. They used a lot of big words. The vet dentist/oral surgeon called … Continue reading

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My dog will be brave

On Wednesday, my doggie Izzie will be having some surgery.  See, she was born with some bad teeth.  Two of her big canine teeth didn’t even come down out of her jaw bone.  A few weeks ago, we noticed she … Continue reading

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Izzie takes a tumble

Last night we took Izzie to the park to play a little fetch the racquetball.  She’s so good.  We can let her off the leash in the big field, with no fence, and she stays with us, always bringing the … Continue reading

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Izzie’s New Trick

We’re trying to teach Izzie to balance a treat on her snout. She’s having trouble holding her head still while we put the treat on her nose, so we’ve started by putting it on her foot and making her stay … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend and more

We spent a great weekend in Effingham, NH with Gretchen and Graham.  We hiked and ate and ate and ate.  We ate 6 lobsters one night, between the four of us, with cole slaw, steamers, salad, corn on the cob.  … Continue reading

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