Izzie takes a tumble

Last night we took Izzie to the park to play a little fetch the racquetball.  She’s so good.  We can let her off the leash in the big field, with no fence, and she stays with us, always bringing the ball back.  After we were done playing ball, as we were heading home, we passed this dog that she loves.  Once we were past the dog, Ryan and I were ahead of Izzie.  I turned around and saw her falling on the ground.  It was the most ungraceful fall and she didn’t get up right away.  It all happened in the span of about 2 seconds, but it was interesting that Ryan and I both had the same gut reaction – oh my goodness, something is wrong with my dog!  We both rushed to her, got her up, and she was fine.  We think it was probably a combination of her being so tired from playing ball, her being turned around looking at the other dog, and a bit of uneven pavement.  But, for a brief moment, Ryan was sure she’d had a stroke and I was sure she was having some sort of seizure or paralysis.  Our hearts sank in that moment.  She was fine, but we spent the rest of the night doting on her even more than normal – lots of tummy rubs and treats.  We talked about how it would be when she was older.  We wished she’d live forever.  And then, I started reading Marley and Me.


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2 Responses to Izzie takes a tumble

  1. andrea says:

    kirby did the same thing a couple months ago, it was the first really hot day we had had since our colder then normal winter and i had him and AJ outside playing catch/fetch. all of a sudden kirby just was very weak (he’s got a bad wrist anyway) it scared the living daylights out of me, he was panting and stumbling and very shakey. all i could think was how am i going to get a 2 year old that doesn’t want to go back inside yet and a 100 pound dog back to the house and then into the car all by myself. luckily kirby could slowly make it back by himself, while i carried the kicking and screaming AJ. not 10 minutes later kirby was perfectly fine, he just got over heated and over excited, i took him to the vet a few days later anyway :) it’s super scary. and every time i read Marley and Me i can’t help but picture a black lab instead of a yellow and it makes it that much worse. i’m not ready for that yet, he’s still just a puppy! glad izzie is doing good, give her an extra kiss for me, can’t wait to meet her!

  2. Camille says:

    I’ve not read marley and me, and I didn’t see the movie, but I hear it’s a huge tear-jerker. I am not even an animal lover, but it was AWFUL when we had to put our dog to sleep a few years ago. But I guess this isn’t really helpin’ you cheer up, eh? Sorry!

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